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Friday, March 31, 2017

New rares release for April Fools Day!

Hello guys!
I wasn't able to post the very first day that these items were released but I hope you forgive me! I have been very busy and I cannot keep up with the new items! Sorry :3
Anyway, there are two items - a cheese hat and a lollipop necklace, both of which are rare. They only last a day each so hurry up and log in every day to purchase your own! 
I was not able to find a high quality picture online on Google, so I am giving you my best screenshots, but they are not as high quality as I hoped. The cheese hat is indescribable, the top layer is covered with a maroon red and so are the sides. 
The lollipop necklace are different colors, and you can still buy the lollipop necklace today, so hurry up and get it now! All these rares are pretty pricey, at least 700 gems each. 
Here is a shot of the items:
  I own this image as I took it myself but AJHQ did the art! 
I can still get you guys a picture of what the lollipop necklace looks like in the shops but the cheese hat left the shops :(
I do have doubles of every single item, the cheese hat and the lollipop necklace, but I don't have the rare diamond shop items as they are member, but I am trying to obtain doubles of those as well just so I can give those away to you guys! I will take screenshots of them though so you can see them. 

Rare feather tail and rare paw gloves: I own no art, AJHQ did all the art
I had to find the paw gloves on someone's trade list, that's why its much smaller than the rare feather tail. Thanks for reading, and PEACE! 🍑😎🕶

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New Rare Item Monday!

Heyo guys! 
Sorry I've been super busy and I have not gotten a chance to talk about the new RIM! 
It is a super cool phantom shirt - the same shape and probably the same line-art as the other T-shirts such as the tie-dyed T-shirt and soccer T-shirt. 
It is colored with a moderately dark purple with a lighter but still purple phantom on the front. 
There is a small blue lightning bolt near the phantom's front legs. 
Seems pretty cheap for a nice style, right? After all, nearly MOST RIMs cost 1,500 gems or less. 
But not this phantom shirt! This rare phantom shirt cost a whopping 2,400 gems! Nearly two and a half turquoise rings...you can't find that much expensive stuff anymore at that price in the Jamaa clothing store. 
The whopping price matches epic wonder prices - the most expensive gem store in all of Animal Jam! Each item costs at least 1,000 gems and some things cost 10,000 gems or even more!
I think the phantom shirt should have been sold there, it would have fit right in with the rest of the expensive things. Waste your gems here! Epic Wonders, the fancy shop for only super rich people! 
Buy now!
XD lol. Buy the shirt before it's gone!
Peace!~ 🍑😎🕶
Picture of phantom shirt: I own nothing this is AJHQ's art! Giving credit to AJHQ'S awesome illustrators and animators! You are awesome! :) 
Image result for rare phantom shirt aj

Friday, March 17, 2017

Hello guys!
I cannot contain my excitement! THE COUGARS ARE HERE!!! 
This is super exciting because I always wanted to see what the cougars looked like. They are pretty cute and stout, reminding me of a lynx. The appearance is uncanny, like they are siblings or cousins. 
:gasps for no reason: 😦😦😦
JK JK!!! 
The cougar dance is kind...of...weird...it is just like a hopping trotting dance. I mean...WHO would dance like that?!?! 
I think this 'cougar' has no chance of actually getting into some of Animal Jam's best animals ever made, because...the Arctic Wolf STILL ROCKS and is obviously still popular. I have PROBABLY seen a bazillion Arctic Wolves in my lifetime!!!
Just kidding, but I've seen quite a few. It is very unlikely that the cougar will quickly rise to popularity, standing next to or greater than Arctic Wolves. I see so many people with cougars but its really only because they are new. The stout design of the cougar makes it cute, but because of that, the new dance is KIND of...doesn't know how to explain...:watches new cougar dance:
Yeah, it looks like a horse trotting, but a cougar instead of a horse. CRINGE. 
And the play is super SUPER OLD because it looks like it is based off of a combination of the lynx playing and the arctic fox playing. Yeah, AJHQ you are running out of ideas. 
BUT...we still love playing because of the arctic wolves...I mean ANYTHING looks good on those fellas'. 
Well, that's just my opinion - but I think the cougar ANIMAL is cute.
Tell me what you guys think in the comments! 
PEACE! 😄😎🕶🍑🍑

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rarity Tutor offer!

Welcome to another tutoring offer! 
This one is also a SUPER deal!
You are not new at Animal Jam, so there is no need to purchase a full course and introduction, right? 
Instead, you just need some more knowledge on rares! 

Here is a super deal for you: 
FREE Animal Jam rarity lesson~ Code is [ Supercoolpotatoes ] and this deal expires in A YEAR! That's right, it expires 3/15/18! one time use only. 

You can now learn your rarities FOR FREE! What about when this deal expires? How much do the lessons cost then? AN ALPHA SWORD! 

You know I'm kidding guys! All you must hand over is ANY item that is not in stores (besides the table and rug that they give you when you just join Animal Jam) and you are good to go! You can ask me any questions even AFTER the course and I will reteach you the lessons. 

You can also now purchase a lesson for your friend, but you must purchase it if you want one yourself because the coupon is one time use only. Simple steps on how to sign your friends up for a tutoring lesson gift card - special deals included! 

1. Tell me your friend's username, they will need to confirm their username - tell me through email please!

2. I will give you a code to give to your friend and write down the code next to your friend's username to confirm it to be correct

3. set a date for the lessons to start - and redeem your gift - 75% off any other tutor lessons as well as a free rare item of choice from a list.

This is super easy! 
Please buy or redeem the coupon now! 
Peace! :) (didn't have time for the emojis!!! XD) 

Animal Jam tutoring lessons!

welcome to your very first animal jam personal instructor!
yes, like usual, there is a small fee - but very small compared to what you get!
It is...
A black long rare spiked collar!
Just kidding!!!
no, no, no! the price is one rare of your choice! 

Super cheap! 
Yes, this cheap for a full walk-through - journey book cheats, how to get a pet, other things to make you an EXPERT at animal jam by the time you are done, including a full scale rarity lesson!
Simply sign up by Jam-A-Gramming me, emailing me (contact information below) or commenting your username and a method of contacting you (spare email for example).
Contact information:
Please email XxSkaiShadowsAJ@gmail.com to sign up for lessons! 

Please pay first before receiving the tutoring, and if you are not satisfied or cannot continue the lessons, simple refund if you have not completed over HALF the courses. GREAT DEAL, SMALL PRICE, LOTS OF INFORMATION TAUGHT! Great, or what?!

I will not trade the rare item Mondays until you completely complete the lesson, to ensure you do not want a refund. These rare item Mondays have been put to good use - given away to new jammers, I'm not keeping them, the new jammers are!
Thank you for signing up and providing the rares, you are donating to new jammers, so technically I am not getting anything but you are doing TWO good things!
Just let me know if you want to sign up!

Peace! 🍑🙂😏😁😎😙😸🕶

Thank you so much for signing up! It means a lot, and I am donating the earnings to new jammers freely! You might as well donate the rares yourself, but no, you also get a free Animal Jam tutoring course to go with it! NO WAY, SUCH A GREAT DEAL! 

Welcome to the first ever blogpost of Skai...!


Welcome here, if you are new. Yall' probably are, because this blog is new as well!I am a passionate animal jammer (sounds funny, I know...) and I enjoy making videos and soon, blogging! 
Today we are talking about...den betas! Highly contradicted topic, right? It is highly contradicted what is beta and what is not. Beta items were released in the beta stages. Despite the fact that many people claim several items to be beta, they usually are not if they are still for sale in stores (besides necklaces - they have always been around)🐱🐈
:meow!: random cat XD😮😮
anyway, for example, palm trees are beta, and so are carrot chairs and couches. It is easy to confuse beta items - and many people fool others 😶😰😶 (makes shocked face) and attempt to trade their 'betas' for many good items worth betas. Sadly, it is very true. 
Once you learn how many of your supposed 'betas' are actually REAL den betas, you will be shocked. 
Yeah. Not many of your betas are probably REAL den betas. Anything NOT released in the beta stages is not actually beta. It is simply pretty rare and probably released after the beta stages, but still not truly beta. Do not fear though, many of your items could be truly beta, and even if not truly beta, probably still truly rare. However there is one shocking point. 
There is now a trading party, in a barn, and you know how most parties sell specific items? This party sells supposed 'betas' and the items they sell truly look like many real and high worth betas, but are not true betas! They sell the bongo drums, the fireplace, the fountain, just about any high worth beta you could think of. Gumball machine is even sold there. It is hard to tell which items are truly the originals and which are the ones being sold - they are so similar! It is best to ask for betas now that are NOT fireplaces or the other betas that are sold there. Before you decide to ask for den betas for your spikes or anything like that, be sure to check out the beta trading party. It truly is awesome, but this should also prevent you from accepting the betas that are sold there in the party. There are real betas out there of the same sort of the ones sold in the party, but to avoid being scammed, don't accept anything that looks like what has been sold in the party just to be safe, right? 
Well, that's a wrap to today's lesson on...den betas! I hope you guys found this useful, and hopefully prevents you from getting scammed in high rarity trades!
Happy jamming, and be awesome!
Peace! 🍑(reader: you mean...peach...right? me: yup!)😁😃😄😙😎
~ Skaishadow

Contact information: 
Please do not contact the email provided (the author email), and instead, contact [ XxSkaiShadowsAJ@gmail.com ] and specifically title your email as [ to SkaiShadow, blog/AnimalJam question/comment/suggestion ] depending on the topic of your email! Thanks for your cooperation, and see yall' next time!